Worlds Biggest Tomato Plant. Mountain Man tomato plant where to buy near me? Buy online at the herb plants for Garden many and can for when there is none.

World's Biggest Tomato

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Mountain Man Tomato - The "World's Largest Tomato
Have patience when planting Mountain Man Tomato Plants. Make sure that Spring is well under way. Prepare your soil early on. Like all Tomato Plants they like a sandy loam soil that has a balance of nutrients in it. Mix in some Tomato Tea Compost, sand, a little peat moss, a handful of potassium and you should be all set. One last check make sure the soil drains well.

Plant up to the first set of leaves. Mound up the soil high. Mountain Man Tomatoes are prolific producers. They will give about 3 harvest starting at the end of June then again in August and a small harvest on into Sept. A hardy easy to grow garden delight.