Sunchokes make a pretty yellow flower. It is the tuber in the ground is what is eaten. Buy best.

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Where to buy the best Sunchoke tuber roots plants near me. Sunchokes are perennial plants that start from crooked shape tubers. Sunchokes grow 6 -10 feet tall. Most gardeners want Sunchokes for their tubers and eat them as a root vegetable. The tubers are long and lumpy and look like a cross between a potato and a ginger. Sunchokes are a gardening delight.

 Plant Sunchokes in an oversized container or directly to your garden. Plant in any kind of soil and they will grow. If you want a great harvest, plant Sunchokes tubers in full sun and sandy loam soil with neutral pH. Plant the tubers about 4 inches deep. Water and just let them grow. Sunchokes have a sweet nutty flavor. This is the only plant that does not make any sugar. Sunchokes are high in inulin. Buy many Sunchokes tubers and in joy the harvest. They store best in a bucket in a cold garage with soil.