Where to buy compost tea near me? Buy the best Compost Tea for your garden plants. Compost Tea helps feed the plants root system.  But more importantly the Compost Tea has bacteria init that keeps your soil active and healthy. Buy many Compost Tea and enjoy the benefits of great harvest all season long.
Rabbit compost tea. Complete with all the nutrients to keep your plants and soil healthy. Where to buy Compost Tea near me? Buy the best compost tea near me.

Herb Compost Tea Plant Food

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                                                Compost Tea

Where to buy Compost Tea near me? Buy the best Compost Tea online. Compost Tea is water in which compost has been steeped. Leached into that liquid are some of the compost's nutrients, microorganisms, and a witch's brew of poorly defined compounds called humates. Humates help plants better use nutrients already in the soil and offer a host of other nutrients.  

Compost tea has long been used as a weak fertilizer, but in recent years, gardeners that use compost tea have shifted the focus away from the liquid’s ability to provide a small amount of nutrients and onto the microorganisms it contains.


Microorganisms in healthy soils and composts provide protection against diseases, especially root diseases; improve soil structure with associated benefits of aeration and water retention; and improve nutrient uptake. Promoters of compost tea claim their microorganism-laden brew provides the same benefits. Those microorganisms sprayed on leaves, they say, will fight off garden diseases. To encourage microorganisms, tea making has turned high tech: Commercially available brewing machines provide constant, vigorous aeration, and added materials such as kelp, rock powders, and molasses further stimulate microbial growth. 

Angora Rabbit:

Yes I am a rabbit. And I make some of the best Compost Tea complete with all the necessary nutrients and bacteria needed to keep your plants producing and your soil healthy.