Where to buy Fennel herb plants for sale. Gardening Fennel is care free  easy to grow this herb plant with great flavor. Buy plenty and grow many.  Gardens praise .


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Florence Fennel also known in Italy  as Finocchio .
Where to buy Fennel herb  plants near me. Fennel  is a herb from the carrot family. This vegetable is similar to celery.  Gardening Fennel is a gardeners delight. Fennel herb is  a colorful  annual or can be a  perennia. Fennel is known mainly for the stem that swells to a "bulb" as it grows in your garden or container. And most importantly Fennel is an excellent companion plant for Asparagus.They like the same kind of soil as well as watering.
The flowers are mild yellow the bulb is white with and bright green leaves highly romantic and that are easy to grow. Most Fennel will grow 3 ft tall and has broad
overlapping leaves.  Keep your Fennel producing all season feed organic 
Herb Plant Food.

Plant so that the brown hairy root is covered with a sandy loam soil. The soil should have nutrients and a  pH
close to 7.0 and drain well. Full sun or partial is all it takes tos grow these amazingly delicious Finocchio.  
Harvest when bulb is full and round. Chop stems and leaves cook or enjoy raw.
 Unfortunately Fennel  is to big for a kitchen garden. Don't forget to plant Garlic in and around your plants. Garlic the natural way to deter bugs and rodents from your garden. And feed regularly with Organic All Plant Food.