Elderberry Hard Candy is a great way to get the benefits from Elderberry . 30 minutes and the candy is ready store in an air tight jar. Grow your own Elderberry Plants. Or buy Elderberry Candy and let us do all the work for you.
Elderberry Hard Candy

Elderberry Hard Candy

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 Elderberry Hard Candy. Where to buy near me? We brew Elderberry Tea *


using top quality dried berries from our Elderberry plants. No artificial colors or flavors! The Elderberry Tea is the beginning of the ingredients to making hard Elderberry candy. Where to buy Elderberry Candy near me.  Elderberry Hard Candy is a great tasteful way to get your daily Elderberry fix.  Why Elderberry -  soothing, relaxing all natural individually wrapped for freshness.

Our Elderberry Plants:

Our Elderberries (sambucus nigra) are grown on our farm in an ecologically clean and all natural fields - free of pesticides, chemicals, and synthesized ingredients. If your want to make your own Elderberry candy just plant some Elderberry Plants. And harvest mid August. Elderberry plants are easy to grow. And do best in just about any kind of soil. Full sun is great but if you have the option choose morning sun afternoon shade. We water occasional but rely on Mother Nature  for most of it. Buy many Elderberry plants and enjoy Elderberry right  from your own garden. For great harvest feed   .Elderberry as often as you like.