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What are Elderberry Gummy Bears? Where to Buy Elderberry Plants?

Elderberry Gummy Bears are made from Elderberry Syrup. The Gummy Bears are tasty, sweet, and a fun way to get all the benefits of Elderberry in a fast and easy snack. Check with a medical professional to see if Elderberry fruit  are right for you. 
Elderberry Benefits:

Elderberries are believed to be a strong antioxidant, immune booster, and a safe, natural way to ward off colds and the flu! Elderberry Gummy Bears are an  easy and fun snack that you can take with you and enjoy at work or on the run.

Who couldn’t use a little extra immune support as we move into cough and cold season? Or just  some Elderberry to sustain our healthy.  These delicious little Elderberry Gummy Bears are just the answer. 

Have you noticed how many people get sick as the seasons change?  Especially from summer to fall.  The shift from the hot, active days of summer  to windy cool days of fall puts a stress on our bodies. Or how about during the summer,  if you fall asleep in front of a fan or air conditioner and next you have the flue or cold.  Either way everyday is a  perfect time to enjoy Elderberry Gummy Bears.

Why Buy Elderberry Gummy Bears? They are rich in flavonoids which are natural compounds with antioxidant qualities that protects cells to fight against infections. Elderberry also contains vitamin A, B, significant amounts of vitamin C and amino-acids. We take Elderberry Syrup or eat Elderberry Gummy Bears several times a week in the summer as well  as fall and winter and enjoy  all the great benefits.


 Elderberry plants turn into a bush that are a gardening delight and  once planted require no care. For 4 months the Elderberry plants blooms massive white flowers called  rosettes 4. Then the flowers turn into berries. The berries take about 4 weeks to be ready to harvest. Freeze  all you can and enjoy Elderberry for when there is none.