Where to buy Chive near me? Buy Chive Plants online. Fast to plant easy to grow. A gardening delight. Plant in chumps and feed -   Feed and Grow Plant Food once a month.  Buy many and

Chives Herb Plants

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                                                   Chives Plant For Sale

Where to buy Chives near me? Buy Chive plants for sale online. Best place to buy is right here. Plant many as Chives in your garden. Chives  are a clumping herb that gardeners favor every season. Buy Chives plants  and  harvest all season.

Clumping refers to the way that chives seem to grow tightly together, instead of spreading out individually.

For best results space out the Chives about 12 inches a part and plant in clumps. Chives make great container plant as well.

Why buy Chives? First, Chives make an excellent "kitchen plant"or plant directly to your garden. Just some sand loam soil, a sunny window and just a little water is all it takes.