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                         25 - Jersey Knight Asparagus 1 Year Buy 1 Get 1 Free*

Jersey Knight Asparagus roots and crowns are hardy plants that are extremely vigorous producers. Each year making gardeners of 1 Year Asparagus proud of their harvest. Your first crop to harvest will be in 3 year. Grow big healthy Asparagus feed them Asparagus Feed and Grow all natural.

The benefits of  planting 1 year Asparagus: 1 Year Asparagus are fast and easy to plant. Growing and gardening 1 Year Asparagus is carefree just give water and compost. Soon there after your garden will be a show case of edible asparagus for everyone to enjoy all season. Plant many Asparagus roots - Jersey Knight and freeze and can for the fall when there is none.

Tips On Keep Pest Out Of Your Asparagus Garden:

Plant Jumbo Garlic in between your Asparagus roots and watch the bugs and rabbits run.Garlic releases sulfur into the air and the sulfur tinges the bugs and rabbits noce. Another to plant is Stinging Nettle  the pests will go to another garden and surely not yours.