Where to buy 3 Year Asparagus Roots near me. Plant many varieties of Asparagus. Jersey Giant, Jersey Supreme, Jersey Knight and Heirloom and garden Asparagus for years to come.

25 - Asparagus Roots 3 Year Jersey Giant

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                                 Jersey Giant 3 Year Asparagus Roots 

Where to buy Asparagus roots crowns near me? Plant Asparagus Roots 3 Year  For sale this season and start an Asparagus adventure that will last 10 - 15 years. Do You Want To Harvest Asparagus Spears this season? 

If so then buy and plant 3 year old Asparagus Roots in many varieties this season. The Asparagus will sprout for you in about 3 weeks. First time planted in your garden harvest for 4 weeks then stop.

Following year harvest for 8 weeks. Harvesting is an on going process. Once you start continue till your 4 or 8 weeks is up.
Once they are harvested the Asparagus will turn out to be ferns. Gardening Asparagus is easy and once planted work-free.
Keep the weeds out water and feed and they will return for many seasons to come with great harvests. Plant 
Marigolds and Garlic in between the Asparagus and keep the bugs out and rabbits out of your garden.

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