Where to buy 1 Year Asparagus Roots Crowns Near Me? Buy the best online. Plant garlic in between your Asparagus and keep those garden pests out of your garden forever. Choose a variety of Asparagus by the type of spears you like to eat.  All Asparagus will grow well in any gardening zone.

100 - 1 Year Asparagus Roots Any Variety

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                      An Economical Way To Introduce Asparagus To Your Garden 

Asparagus in any variety are easy to grow and last for years. Buy the best Asparagus roots crowns for your garden. Where to buy 1 Year Asparagus roots and crowns near me? Buy here online.

The  requirements for growing Asparagus of any variety are  basic: a fertile sandy loam soil that drains well. And feed your Asparagus about once a month with the best organic well balanced fertilizer Feed and Grow formulated just for Asparagus.

The benefits are many: once planted they are there for about 15-20 years. So pick your gardening location wisely so you won't have to transfer them later on. Transplant an established bed of Asparagus would be a difficult chore. And many gardeners just give upon the idea of relocating them.

Choose a variety of Asparagus by the type of spears you like to eat. For example: Jersey Giant - make short thick spears, Jersey Knight make thin slender spears - Jersey Supreme make average size spears and the Heirloom is all natural and not a hybrid. The"key" to growing Asparagus is the "soil" and not the variety. 

Plant Stinging Nettle and Jumbo Garlic in btween your plants and make a natural barrier to keep pests out of your garden.