Buy 50 1 year Asparagus roots for sale and get 50 free. 1 year Asparagus in all varieties. Easy to garden fast to grow . Buy Best buy many.

50 - 1 Year Asparagus Roots Any Variety Buy 50 Get 50 Free*

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Where to Buy best  Asparagus roots in all varieties. Buy from the Asparagus Farm that grows mature Asparagus roots in all varieties .Choose a variety of Asparagus by the type of spears you like to eat. For example: Jersey Giant - make short thick spears, Jersey Knight thin slender spears, Jersey Supreme average size spears and Heirloom all natural. The "Key" to growing Asparagus is the "soil" and not the variety. Plant Stinging Nettle and Jumbo Garlic in between your plants and make a natural barrier to keep pests out of your garden. Feed your Asparagus once a month Asparagus Tea Plant Good and grow a showcase garden.