Responsible Purchasing Store Policy

   Herb Plants Customer Policy


Our promise to to ship the very best healthy plants and roots possible.Our Asparagus Farm dig and prepares and ships same day. Please know what the requirements are to grow the plants you are interested in planting. Some plant are easy to grow and carefree. However read all the details and requirement to grow them successfully. Or email or call for details.

Refund Policy:  We we are dealing with live plants we do not allow returns. For the plants to arrive to you successfully depends on many factors and to duplicate those factors and return to us successfully in not an easy chore. 

If you have concerns about the plants you have received, follow the steps listed below.

1. Contact Us:    931 254- 0972.  or email us at

2. Include the following Information:

   The Names that was used to place your order

   Approximate Date of Your Order

   And most important Order # For Example an order number looks like this

   #1467- AR or  #1444 - A  or # 1560 - HP

   Briefly explain your concerns.

   Asparagus Shipping:

Asparagus must ship in their own box. Sometimes we can fit in Asparagus Tea and Garlic in the same box. Asparagus start shipping around the end of March  till May.

We like to your order to ship  in its entirety. For example  if you ordered Asparagus and Garlic and Strawberry Plants. Your order would ship in two boxes and at the same time.. Sometimes 1 box will arrive before the other. 

Tracking Numbers:

Be sure to include an email with your Order. Once your order has been prepared a Tracking Number will be sent to your email.

Shipping:  We ship according to your garden zone. And according to when the plants can ship safely.

Artichokes                        April    - May - June

Tomato Plants                  March - April - May

Swiss Chard                    March - April - May

Plantain                           May -  June

 * According To Your Garden Zone