Asparagus and Herb Pest Control Fast and Easy*

                                                 Meet Mr. White Fly

Know who is in your garden before they make your garden their home stead. The good news is garden pests can be controlled without pesticides. 

 1. Mix 3 cups of water

 2. 1 cup White  vinegar in a spray bottle 

3. Add 1 teaspoon of dish soap. Spray it on plants, including trees and shrubs, to get rid of pests. Direct the spray at the underside of the leaves to make contact with white fly eggs.

It's not necessary to spray vinegar directly on your plants to deter pests. In fact, this can damage or kill plants, especially if you're using large amounts of vinegar. If you do use apple cider vinegar on your plants, dilute it generously with water. Ideally, you should be using vinegar to spray areas in and around the garden, not directly on your plants.



Vinegar is also great for chasing fruit flies away from your fruit trees and plants. Trap flies by filling a jar with apple cider vinegar and dish soap; the vinegar's scent attracts them and the soap causes them to sink. Also, a bonus is that apple cider vinegar can help keep pesky rabbits, raccoons and pets away from your garden. Simply soak a few items in vinegar and strategically place them around your garden.

                Our Honey Bun  !!

With their floppy ears and cute cotton-ball tails, it’s hard to dislike rabbits. However, these adorable creatures aren’t so adorable when they’re eating all of the garden goodies you worked so hard to grow! In fact, they can really be quite the pests. But don’t run to the store for repellent just yet—vinegar is an easy way to deter rabbits from stealing your veggies!

Simply soak a cotton ball in white vinegar and place it in a small jar or canister with holes poked in the lid. Place these around the garden, and the vinegar scent will help to keep the rabbits at bay. Vinegar has been known to keep away other pests such as insects and cats, as well!Take a jam jar with a rounded inside lip.

Beer and Vaseline :

Coat the inner lip with Vaseline, then put a slice of beer-soaked bread at the bottom. The cockroaches will be attracted by the smell of beer, but the Vaseline-coated lip will make it impossible for them to escape. You can then dispose of them however you see fit.

Fruit flies can also easily be trapped with a bit of beer. They are attracted to rotting and fermented food, essentially what alcoholic beverages are. So although this is an article about using beer to get rid of pests, you can use just about any alcoholic beverage to trap fruit flies.

In Beer and Fruit Flies:

This method, simply place a sheet of paper with a small hole in it over the top of an open can or bottle of beer. The fruit flies will fly in to feed on the beer, but will be unable to figure out how to get out of the opening. Then you can just get rid of the can of beer and the flies all at one time.


There are many ways of trapping slugs and earwigs, but the principle is the same. Put a shallow dish with stale beer close to the ground (either dig a hole to put a can or jar lid in, or just pop it on the ground), so the slugs and earwigs can crawl in. They will then drown in the beer, and you can throw the whole thing out.