How To Plant Asparagus Fast and Easy!!

1. Soil Prep:

Till up your soil to the depth of 18 inches. Remove any clay or large rocks. Check your pH.

2. Compost:

A. Till in old compost and some coarse sandy. Add the fertilizer of your choice. Some gardeners like the triple phosphate. Others prefer organic fertilizers. Add some peat moss as well.

B.  Asparagus Plant Food:

We make our own Asparagus Plant Food which  is  made from all natural hard to find  ingredients which bring all the nutrients necessary for great producing Asparagus. Mix in a couple of hands full of Asparagus Plant Food  every 2 feet of soil.

C. Asparagus Tea:

Once your Asparagus is planted feed them once a month Asparagus Garden Tea. The best is  Happy MealWe make compost tea to feed your Asparagus roots. Easy to use just add 4 tablespoons to a gallon  Mix the soil well.

3. Making The Trench:

A couple of days before your Asparagus arrive make a trench in the soil that you prepared. The trench should be about 1 1/2 feet wide and about 9 inches deep.

*** 2 Year Asparagus Roots

For Two Year Asparagus make the trench 6 inches deep and do the same as above. The goal is  3 - 4 inches covering the crown.

4. Mound the Soil:

Inside the trench mound up a 2 inch hill of soil. Now take the Asparagus root and spread it out on top of the mounded up soil. Go about 12 - 14 inches and plant the next Asparagus root. After the row is complete fill back in the soil that you took out.

5. 3 Year Asparagus:

For 3 year crowns there should be about 5 - 6 inches of soil on top of the crowns. The longer parts will set down in the trench lower. After the trench is closed. Take your shovel and pat down the area to get the air pockets out.

Garden Pest:

Plant Jumbo Garlic and Stinging Nettle in between you plants. The bugs and rabbits will run to the next garden. Stining Nettle is another fast and easy garden delight. Flavor great and also keeps pets out.

6. Happy Meal  Garden Tea

We highly recommend the Asparagus Garden Tea to get the Asparagus off to a good start. The Tea is all organic and made here at our Asparagus Farm. Once the Asparagus are planted and fed they are ready to start to go to work for you.

7. How To Make Happy Meal Tea:

Take 3 - 4 tablespoons and place in a gallon jug of water. Place the jug in the sun for about 2 - 3 hours. Shake up the jug and now use in place of watering.  ** 2 Tea for every 25 Asparagus crowns.