How To Braid Garlic - Fast and Easy !!


  1.  Use a toothbrush if  the dirt is stubborn. 
  2.  Get all the dirt off the bulbs.
  3.  Trim the leaves.
  4. Cutting the roots off is optional.  Roots left on will give the braid a distinctive look. Trimming off the roots will give the braid a tidy look versus a natural look.
  5. Wet the leaves and not the bulbs. Soak the leaves for about 30 minutes. Make them pliable.
  6. Place a bulb that has the cleaned leaves and stems and root on if desired in the center facing you. Easiest to work on a table or flat surface.
  7. Take another garlic and place it to the right of the center garlic.
  8. Now take another garlic and place it to the left of the center garlic.
  9. Use twine or string and tie them together. Tie them tight. 
  10. Now add a garlic to the right. Place it under the center garlic and lap the leaves over the center garlic.
  11. Now place a garlic to the left and go under the center and lap the leaves over. 
  12.  Now add a center garlic and tie them again. This Garlic  braid will get heavy so best to tie.
  13. Now you're on your way to braiding. Keep the process up and about every two lawyers use the twine to secure the braid.
  14. When you get to the end which would be the top. Keep braiding.
  15. Or tie it and let the leaves hang long any natural.
  16. Decorate with purple lavender and a handmade bow and you have made a "showcase" Garlic Braid.