Asparagus Roots Varieties 3 Year :


 The Jersey Asparagus varieties are a hybrid variety of plants that includes

*Jersey Giant * Jersey Knight  *Jersey Supreme * Millennium * Heirloom (all natural - not a hybrid)
Jersey Giant: The Jersey Giant Asparagus Roots are hardy and do well in all climates, including extreme cold as well in hot climates. It is safe to say that the Jersey Giant grows well anywhere. Jersey Giant grows to 7 - 9 inches tall and makes thick meaty short  Asparagus spears. The Giant is a perennial plant so it will return every Spring for years to come. Asparagus like to eat.  Feed  them Asparagus Tea Food and they will reward you with years of great harvests.
Jersey Knight: The Jersey Knight Asparagus are resistant to many diseases including rust, crowns rot and wilt. A sturdy strong type of Asparagus. Best grown in zones 3 - 10. Keep your Asparagus healthy feed them Asparagus Plant Tea.
Jersey Supreme: The Jersey Supreme makes average size spears and plenty of them. Easy to grow in all zones. They like a soil pH around 7.0.
Heirloom: The Heirloom Asparagus variety are all natural and make average size spears that have a slight streak of purple. Sweet tender easy to plant and harvest many all season.
Millennium: An aggressive independent gardening delight that makes average to slender sweet tender spears. Plant them about 16 inches apart as their ferns grow wide. 
The "key" to growing Asparagus is not the variety of Asparagus planted but the soil and how it was prepared.