Asparagus Varieties :

The Jersey Asparagus varieties are a hybrid variety of  plants and includes:
*Jersey    Giant  *Jersey  Knight  *Jersey    Supreme * Heirloom ` Millenium
* Heirloom   (all natural - not a hybird)


Jersey Giant:  The Jersey Giant Asparagus Roots are hardy and does well in all climates, including extremely cold as well as very hot. So safe to say that the Jersey Giant grows well any where. It usually grows between seven and nine inches tall when harvested and is very meaty and tasty. The spears are very thick and short.
The Jersey Giant are a perennial plant so you can enjoy them for many years to come. They usually mature in late spring in most climates and they do best if you live in zones 3-6. They produce many sweet tender spears remember to feed them Asparagus Plants Tea Food
Jersey Knight: The Jersey Knight Asparagus are resistant to many diseases including rust, crown rot, and fusarium wilt, among others. It is also a very sturdy type of asparagus. Best if grown in zones 3-10, this type of asparagus does well even in cold climates. What type of soil do you have? For healthy Asparagus roots feed them and prepare your soil.  The Jersey Knight is high in vitamins A, B6, and C.
 Jersey Supreme: A fairly new variety, is also resistant to disease and produces a little earlier than the Knight or Giant.

The Jersey Supreme is more uniform than other hybrids of asparagus and it grows well in soil that has at least some sand in it does best in growing zones 3-8. It also tends to grow larger crops the older it is. Therefore, by the fourth season, you should see a very large and full crop.
Heirloom Asparagus: For more than one hundred years, the Mary Washington type of asparagus has been very popular in the United States. They have a delicious flavor and have deep-green spears with tips of a light purple. It is a traditional form of asparagus that grows long and uniformly.

Millenium:  Developed by Professor David Wolyn of the University of Guelph in Canada, Millennium Asparagus out-yields nearly all Asparagus varieties. Its excellent flavor is matched with its tight tipped, uniform spears that allow for harvesting taller spears = more lbs per harvest! does well in heavy soils. But experiement before planting acres.