Buy 3 year Asparagusroots and harvest this season.
  Asparagus Roots and Crowns 3 Year For Sale
Jersey Giant, Jersey Knight, Jersey Supreme and Heirloom
Asparagus Roots For Sale
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Choose A Variety of Asparagus  By Type Of Spears You Like.
      An Economical Way To Start   An  Asparagus Garden
                 $1.00 - 1 Year old   Root
Do You Want To Harvest Asparagus Spears this season?  

If so then plant 3 year old Asparagus Roots this season. The
Asparagus will sprout for you in about 3 weeks. First time planted in
your garden harvest for 4 weeks then stop.
Following year harvest for 8 weeks. Harvesting is an on going
process. Once you start continue till your 4 or 8 weeks is up.
Once they are harvested the Asparagus will turn out to be ferns.
Keep the weeds out water and feed. And they will return for many
season to come with great harvests. Plant
Marigolds in between the
Asparagus and keep the bugs out.
There are many varieties of Asparagus. New varieties of Asparagus
are hybrids. Hybrids are something someone made. In other words
the plant was changed in some way to meet someones
expectations. Shorter, fatter, skinner, prettier. It did not come by
way of nature.

I grow at my farm Asparagus that has been around for years and
that has shown great production for gardeners.
Plant a variety of Asparagus by the type of spears you like to eat.
All Asparagus grow the same. One variety does not do better than
another variety of Asparagus. No one gardening zone needs any
particular variety. The "key" to growing Asparagus is your soil.
Good soil grows good Asparagus. And it is just that simple.
Plant older varieties Asparagus that have
been a proven success.
Asparagus Roots - 3 Yr
Jersey Knight      - thin slender spears
Jersey Giant         - short thick spears
Jersey Supreme  - average size spears
Heirloom                 - all natural

* Remember they all grow the same no matter where you live.
*They all taste the same.
*Difference is size.
You want to plant Asparagus yet  don't want to make that financial
investment of 3 year Asparagus Roots.

Solution: Every season I have many and I mean many 1 year old
Asparagus roots for cheap. Plant 1 or 2 years and save.
Asparagus Roots 1 Year
Garden Beds Ideal From Planting Asparagus
Plant Garlic . Keep those pest out.
1 Year Old Asparagus Roots $1.00
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elephant garlic biig and not so spicey.
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Asparagus  Plants  3 Yr
Asparagus  3 Yr
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Albert's Asparagus 3 Yr
Herbie Asparagus Roots
3 Year
I planted 50 and what a show case garden. East to plant fast to grow.
What is going to feed you for 15 + years? Surely not
your grandmother. But these  3 year old  Asparagus  
roots will.
plant garlic around and in betweenyour asparagus deters garden pests
jumbo garlic hot spicey.
two year asparagus roots wait one more year to harvest
Everybody loves them and all gardeners want to grow them. But some
gardeners hesitate. And this is the reason why: gardening Asparagus
is an investment of time and money. One important thing that is over
looked is: Asparagus last 15 + years. Take the cost and the time and
divide it over 15 years and you will soon see that it cost very little in
either time nor money.