Buy Comfrey and plant in a container or directly to your garden. Plant many Confrey. Where to buy Comfry near me. Easy to plant fast to grow a gardeners delight

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Comfrey The Travelers Plant  - Comfrey roots and plants are a perennial herb that returns each Spring for years to come. The Comfrey root is like a brown turnip. But it is not the large root that you are after. The grand prize is the broad leaves with the small bell shaped flowers. Comfrey is valuable to all gardeners and here is the reason why. First it is a great source of organic matter. Comfrey is the only plant that makes all the nutrients necessary for all plants to grow N,O,S, Mg and P. Therefore an all-in-one plant fertilizer made by another plant. Second, Comfrey makes deep roots mining a host of nutrients from the soil. Comfrey makes an excellent companion plants to the Asparagus roots and crowns.