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Where to buy Elderberry plants for sale near me. Buy many Elderberry as they are fruit bearing deciduous shrub-like plants from the honeysuckle family. Elderberry have many  cream-colored flowers that can be used as a tea.  Elderflowers, grow in umbels, which are sort of umbrella-shaped clusters. The umbels are normally six inches or so in diameter. These umbels are seen late Spring and early summer. The Elderberry plants are lacy with purplish-red leaves. Elderberry are a no care easy to grow plants. Gardening Elderberry is delightful. Its's a really versatile bush that thrives in a variety of conditions , but it loves areas with lots of moisture and nitrogen. Elderberry plants prefer fertile soil and a sunny location with soil that drains well. pH close to 7.0. Prepare your soil to the depth of 15 inches. Make a hole times bigger than the roots ball. Do not stuff the root in a hole that is too tight. Water about 3 inches deep about every 7 - 10 days. The berries are used for making wine, jellies, elderberry gummy candies.