Turmeric is a tall slender herb plant. Easy to grow in container or garden. The  tubers that are made underground are use for many recipes and have  good health benefit. Plant many buy best.

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Understanding Turmeric Roots and Plants For Sale. Where to buy Turmeric Herb plants for sale near me. Turmeric is a flowering plant from the ginger family, The tuber roots are called rhizomes and can be dried and ground into a spicy powder.
This is known as Turmeric Spice. Turmeric  has a warm, bitter taste and is frequently used to flavor or used as a color for curry powders, mustard's, butters, and cheeses. Buy Turmeric tubers now and enjoy fresh Turmeric all season. Turmeric is easy to plant and fast to grow and a real gardening delight. They like a wide range of soil pH. Turmeric is not your average garden plant. Some days it will keep you wondering if it will ever sprout.  Other days you will praise it for the most gorgeous flowers that just seem to appear overnight. Remember to feed her Herb Plant Food Feed once a month. Turmeric make excellent companion plants with Asparagus. Plant 1 Turmeric between each Asparagus root.