Pink Celery an heirloom dating back to to 19th century. Easy to grow. Amazing flavor . Buy many and make your garden a show case.

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Is Pink Celery an heirloom? Yes pink Celery is an heirloom  heritage all natural variety of celery - not a hybrid. Pink celery was quite the thing back in the 19th century in Europe. As years passed so did the Pink Celery.  Let's bring her back into gardening.

Pink celery is a biennial but usually grown as an annual. Pink Celery is an ideal gardening investment and here is why: It only grows about a foot high. The stalks are sturdy and the leaves are plentiful and feathery like. The flavor is amazing with a touch of fennel and strong flavor of sweetness ideal for soups and stews. 

How to plant Pink Celery in your garden for best results. Plant Pink celery in a sandy loam soil that drains well. Keep the soil moist but not soggy.  Add lots of organic matter to your soil. Pink Celery is a delightful garden plant. No one will have Pink Celery. Buy many of this unique pink celery  and make your garden a showcase.