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                            20 - Everbearing Strawberry - Harvest All Season

Where to Buy Everbearing Strawberry near me. Everbearing Strawberry plants for sale are the perfect  strawberry variety for your garden. Easy to plant fast to grow.  A gardening delight!! Where to buy Everbearing Strawberry plants? Buy Everbearing Strawberries on line.

The  number one mistake with planting  Everbearing Strawberry Plants is they are planted too deep. Cover the roots with soil up to the crown. Pat the soil down to make firm. Now water about 1 inch deep. The amount of water needed will depend on your  gardening zone. Most important don't let them dry out. For best results keep them moist. And feed your Strawberries about once a month with Strawberry Plant Tea.

 If you're looking for multiple strawberry harvests throughout the growing season, Everbearing Strawberries are the variety you need. Grow plenty and freeze the extras.

Plant Garlic in and around your Strawberry plants. Garlic releases sulfur into the air  deters bugs and rabbits.  Stinging Nettle is great companion plant for your Strawberry plants. Nettle will keep out bugs and rabbits.